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About EOX

EOX is a top quality steel tongue drum (tonguepan) with unique enchanting sound. It is designed and handcrafted in St Petersburg with proprietary technology. Currently it is one of the best sounding steel tongue drums on the market. EOX Drum has a very distinct sound timbre with a deep resonance between the tongues and a crystal clear high end. It sounds very reach, calm and clean because each tongue of our instrument has several harmonics tuned (from 3 to 7) and it is made from thick 3 mm steel.

EOX has a long sustain and a pleasant look that distinguishes it from all other steel tongue drums.

Besides that we apply a multi-stage treatment which make the tongues resonant and responsive.
EOX Tonguepan is an ideal companion for many activities such as meditation, sound therapy and healing sessions, early musical education for kids, for yoga classes, or just for daily recreational use as a perfect tool to calm down and rebalance after stressful working day.
Professional musicians will also benefit from using EOX and successfully enrich their live sets and studio recordings by remarkable unique sounding and precisely tuned instrument with attractive look.
EOX is really easy to approach for beginners and get your first beautiful sounds out of it. You don’t need any musical education or playing background to start having fun with it. Unlike handpans the EOX is very robust and doesn’t require regular retuning which also makes it very user friendly and long living instrument.

Another great feature of EOX is its portability and travel friendliness. You just use a normal cabin baggage trolley or standard small backpack to bring our Medium and Small EOX model on board of any budget aircraft. EOX fits even in a small cabin bag! So you have no stress and hassle with airlines. (Already successfully tested even with Ryanair!🙆)

EOX Tongue Pan is made for:

Musicians, producers, composers

On our videos you can clearly see that huge potential of the EOX, variety of sounds you can get from it, endless possible playing techniques and precise tuning makes it a great addition to any musical studio or live setup of touring musician.

Yoga, meditation

Brilliant calm sound of EOX is ideal for the meditation. The instrument tuned in one pentatonic or diatonic scale and any sound made on it stays in harmony with itself and with your state of mind. Try it!

Sound healers

Relaxing sound of EOX and it’s long sustain makes it ideal for sound baths and music healing sessions. Imagine that someone tuned all harmonics on a crystal bowl. Now bring 12 of those crystal bowls in different keys and make one solid instrument out of them. That’s one of the ways how the sound of EOX could be described. Perfect for healing and cleaning the energy of the space!

Stress relief, relaxation

There’s easy way to relax after stressy working day. Just grab your EOX and play it for 15 min. Easy fun and fast refreshing effect guaranteed!

Beginners or non-musicians

Have you ever had bad experience with music school in your childhood? Or always thought you don’t have a talent for music and the entry threshold is too high for you? EOX will change this forever! Many beginners who tried it has reported highly positive experience. They could finally start their musical journey with our instrument!

Kids, primary education projects

Kids love the sound of EOX! It’s very easy to approach and get your first beautiful sounds. Also the fact that it’s tuned to one particular diatonic or pentatonic scale makes it very encouraging and fun to play and compose music on it. Unlike handpans the EOX is very robust and doesn’t require regular retuning so you don’t have to worry about possible detuning problems.

We offer 3 different sizes:

EOX Mini

Lightweight and compact model. Perfect for travelling. Powerful sound in a mini size. Number of notes: 9.

EOX Medium

This medium model was originally developed for children. It’s perfect for the travelling and fits to standard suitcase. Number of notes: 10


EOX Regular

The biggest model with rich and colorful sound. This model is the loudest among the others. Number of notes: 10-12

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EOX Virtual Player

The lowest possible note we can build is A2 for the moment and maximum number of notes is 14.

Please note that for custom scales the production time will be about 5-6 weeks. For standart scales the production time is 2-4 weeks. You can order custom EOX with 13 notes here. And custom EOX with 14 notes here. On checkout please enter the scale you want in the "order notes" field.

You can also use the virtual player button on each EOX model page to play that scale


Will my EOX go out of tune?

EOX is very robust and stable. It will not go out of tune. More details in the next question.

How can i take care of my EOX?

It is strongly not recommended to apply a gross physical effort to an instrument – throw it or drop it, throw something on it, push it with something heavy, use drum sticks or check which hit effort it can withstand! Such things can lead to changes in sound quality and loss of tuning. Remember that this is a musical instrument and it requires a corresponding attitude.

It is not allowed to use strong solvents, converters, concentrated alcohols and alkali, as well as vinegar and lemon juice to clean the surface. This will damage the coating and appearance of the musical instrument.

Almost all instruments of such kind do not like wetness, so it is recommended to avoid contacts of the instrument with water, even if it has anti-corrosion coating.

When staying in tropical and coastal areas, we recommend carefully monitor the surface treatment of the instrument, as a humid warm climate and salty sea air can lead to corrosion.

We recommend using Ballistol oil for the anti-rust care and corrosion prevention. This oil protects the metal well from environmental influences and cleans the surface of the instrument from dirt and rust.

For brass coated instruments, the usage of WD40 is not recommended – this could lead to the oxidation (darkening) of brass.

For long-term storage, it is not recommended to hold the instrument in a bag, because of the absence of natural air circulation, especially in humid and salty climates, it can lead to the occurrence of corrosion.

Following these tips, EOX Drum will be in good condition for many years!

What is your delivery time?

We have some EOX drums in stock. If you see green notification “In Stock” on the product image, that means we can ship this model in next few days. If the model is not in stock it would take about 2-3 weeks for the production.

Can i have my Eox tuned in 432 Hz?

Yes, sure. Just tick the checkbox “432 Hz?” on the product page while ordering

Is it possible to make a custom scale for me?

Yes, it’s possible. Just contact us:)

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