EOX Team

Dmitri and Iskander met Nadishana in 2018. They proposed to collaborate in order to improve the instrument they were developing, to demonstrate its real potential and to reach the new audience. The team was working together on the instrument quality and presentation material since then and now the Eox project is officially out!

We’re truely passionate about our instrument and want to achieve the best possible quality in order to bring an amazing musical experience to your daily life and musical practice.


Steel tongue drum tuner

Co-founder and creator of tongue drums workshop in St. Petersburg. Tongue drum tuner, a researcher in the field of acoustics.

Musician, steel tongue drum expert

Nadishana is one of the world top performers on melodic finger percussion.  Musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, innovator, handpan and steel tongue pan expert, designer of experimental musical instruments.

Tuner, engineer

Dmitriy is one of EOX tonguepan creators. Alongside with his main job develops melodic steel percussion instruments. Expert in tuning and engineering work, has engineering background.