EOX is a steel tongue percussion instrument with tuned tongues. Each tongue has multiple overtones tuned.

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We ship worldwide. The shipping costs depends on the country of destination. It is calculated automatically during checkout process. The EOX will be shipped from St. Petersburg, Russia from the manufacturer workshop.

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Depending on your country your incoming parcel may be subject to
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  1. Сorrect use.
    • The product is designed to produce the sound by striking the tongues that are cut on the surface.
    • Material: 3mm steel.
    • Shape: two hemispheres glued together.
    • We offer 5 different finish colors.
  2. Operation Manual.
    • It is not suggested for the product to be facing temperatures below +10 and above +40 degrees Celsius. Those extreme conditions may impact the tuning of the instrument. For long-term storage of the instrument it is necessary that it is conditioned at room temperature. If the instrument was stored for in high temperature environment (a closed car in the sun, direct exposure to sunlight in hot weather), then it needs to be cooled down before using.
    • It is important to apply caring product to the surface of the drum, front and back. We suggest applying FrogLube CLP or Phoenix Handpan Oil. If you don’t have those for sale in your country, we suggest using coconut oil or any natural oil on the market.
    • The frequency of applying the caring product depends on the humidity. If you live in a humid place, we suggest using caring product once or twice a week. If the humidity is normal, it is suggested to apply caring product once or twice a month. It is suggested to wipe the surface of the instrument with a microfiber cloth every time before and after the playing session.
  • It is not suggested to apply any hydrocarbon solvents, concentrated alcohols and alkalis on the surface of the instrument. That may cause hydrophobic coating to wash off.
  • Long-term storage in the bag (baggage, panniers) is not recommended as it allows steel to build up moisture, thus it may cause rusting of the instrument.
  • The instrument is designed to play by hands or soft mallets. Playing by drumsticks or applying any form of physical force may cause the instrument to go out of tune.
  • It is not suggested to alter the construction of the instrument in any way (e.g. painting, changing the plug, using magnets to retune it). The company is not responsible for the result of any actions listed above.
  • 3. Warranty:
  • Maintenance period – 12 months


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