How to take care of my EOX

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It is strongly not recommended to apply a gross physical effort to an instrument – throw it or drop it, throw something on it, push it with something heavy, use drum sticks or check which hit effort it can withstand! Such things can lead to changes in sound quality and loss of tuning. Remember that this is a musical instrument and it requires a corresponding attitude.

It is not allowed to use strong solvents, converters, concentrated alcohols and alkali, as well as vinegar and lemon juice to clean the surface. This will damage the coating and appearance of the musical instrument.

Almost all instruments of such kind do not like wetness, so it is recommended to avoid contacts of the instrument with water, even if it has anti-corrosion coating.

When staying in tropical and coastal areas, we recommend carefully monitor the surface treatment of the instrument, as a humid warm climate and salty sea air can lead to corrosion.

We recommend using Ballistol oil for the anti-rust care and corrosion prevention. This oil protects the metal well from environmental influences and cleans the surface of the instrument from dirt and rust.

For brass coated instruments, the usage of WD40 is not recommended – this could lead to the oxidation (darkening) of brass.

For long-term storage, it is not recommended to hold the instrument in a bag, because of the absence of natural air circulation, especially in humid and salty climates, it can lead to the occurrence of corrosion.

Following these tips, EOX Drum will be in good condition for many years!